Nicolas Kouprianoff, a French artist photographer, resides in Paris and rarely parts with his camera. Convinced that each moment offers something magical, he captures the unusual, life force, tenderness, beauty, or grace that presents itself to his benevolent eye, without forcing anything. In a click, he reveals harmony, gravity, magic, or rather lets them reveal themselves, thus revealing the man behind the camera. His integrity, kindness, and love of life not only nourish his talent and intuition as a photographer but also guide his actions.

Nicolas travels the world with a curious, fresh, and unbiased eye, revealing the essence, fragile balance, hidden treasures, or what emerges in negative space, whether in megacities like Paris, Tokyo, London, New York, or Chicago, or in towns and villages of the Moroccan desert. He lingers on what we might have missed due to inattention, thus capturing moments that we have seen without really looking.

Through his encounters, friends, and family, he reveals with equal clarity the dynamics, human warmth, spirit, light, and soul. His kind gaze rests upon us with all his love, just as it rests upon everything around him. Perhaps one could argue that he makes everything beautiful, but that is for each person to decide.