Nicolas Kouprianoff is a French photographer, he lives in Paris.

Not a day or so goes by without the photographer, the friend, the husband, the father or simply the man, seizes the unusual, the life force, the tenderness, the beauty or the grace that presents itself before his benevolent eye.

Nicolas rarely leaves his camera behind. Convinced that each moment offers something magical, he is present and attentive. He does not force anything, he captures the moment, and reveals its grace, its gravity, its magic… or rather lets it reveal itself. This is where the man behind the camera matters. His integrity, his goodness, his humour, his love of and for life, not only nurture his talent and intuition as a photographer but also guide his gesture.

The silhouette of a woman in djellaba stands motionless in the middle of a peaceful agitation in the darkness of a café in Djemaa El Fna square … a man in uniform sketches a step (dance?) on a subway platform in Tokyo, skyscrapers in New York dance with the sky, the majestic palm tree opens its palms to quietly intimate us to look up … many stories are told in this moment seized and captured by the gesture of the photographer, this moment we have seen without looking.

Nicolas walks his eye everywhere, always curious, humbled and without any prejudice. Of his wanderings in the mega cities, Paris, Tokyo, London, New York, Chicago or in the towns and villages of the Moroccan desert, he reveals the essence, the fragile balance, the hidden treasures or what is taking shape in the shadow, he lingers on what we let slip by inattention.
Of his encounters, his friends, or his family, he reveals , with the same striking clarity, the dynamics, the warmth, the spirit, the light and the soul …
He looks at us with love, as he does at any of his surrounds. Would it be too much to say that he makes everything beautiful?
He lets us decide.